Thursday, December 9, 2010

Artist Spotlight- Illustrator and Painter Brian Despain

 Artist Spotlight- Illustrator and Painter Brian Despain

Today I stumbled upon the illustrator Brian Despain and was immediately captivated by his evokative color choices that seemed to resonate with me. Moody Blues and lush turquoise mingle in a sepia landscape of his imagination... winged lightbulbs and flying pears accompanying a motle crew of creatures that are set in a futuristic play. I enjoy his play with light and emotion and his ability to draw me into his little " pocket universe" for further exploration ... ohh I how I do wish I could ride that snail for real ;-)  ... take a peek

The Longest Ride

Mr. Bubbles’ Birthday

The Exchange

Artist Spotlight- Illustrator and Painter Brian Despain

..." I love art. I love looking at it, I love talking about it and I certainly love making it, so it’s really no surprise that art would be my chosen profession.

From early on there really wasn’t any doubt that a career in art was the direction I was headed. I was hardly interested in anything else and a lion’s share of my childhood was spent with my head in the clouds, doodling a veritable army of dinosaurs, space ships, demons and imps. Even much of my later schooling was spent failing other useful but mundane subjects like chemistry, math and english while art was the one area that I excelled at. College was hardly different, I spent six years finding myself and taking a lot of classes before graduating with a BFA. Documented and dedicated to my chosen profession I set out to make my veritable mark on the world. .... "

... "It was the time I spent, like the kid at the kitchen table, creating art for no other reason than sheer wonder of it all, that I was happiest. No matter the piece or the end result it’s the art that we do for ourselves that wholly reflects us as people. It is that art which is purest, it is that art which holds the most magic, it is that art which connects on the deepest level and it is that art that this site is all about...."

The Guardian

The Haunting

find more of Brian Despains Illustrative Artworks at his website where he shows seven art galleries of his original
illustrations as well as details as to which gallery currently represent him and offer his artworks for sale
WEBSITE Artist Spotlight- Illustrator and Painter Brian Despain

Mixed Media Artist

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