Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Artist Spotlight- Mixed Media Artists Cardamatis and Saad

Today I stumbled upon the mixed media artworks of Joseph Nadim Saad and Scott Richard Cardamatis.
Working with natural materials, especially seedpods they create 3 dimensional natural landscapes that evoke an appreciation of the beauty that lies within each seed.

I enjoy the natural hues that seemed to effortlessly create an pleasing image when composed against each other in an array of ever-forming patterns. The simplicity of the close up object giving a grander stage when grouped with its many cousins seems to pull in that rare evocative deep call of the earth itself that has ways of creating beauty way beyond our own imagination ..
Here a peek at some of their creations..enjoy

The Artists
bio excerpt
Joseph Nadim Saad and Scott Richard Cardamatis have been working together for three years creating unique and contemporary Australian art works from native plants. Their work has been sought after worldwide by people wanting something that truly represents Australia in its natural form. ..
...Scott was raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and from a young age developed a deep love for the Australian bush and its wildlife.
Inheriting his family’s artistic abilities Scott has been designing and creating natural inspired art work for many years.
...Joseph is the son of a migrant family who immigrated to Australia in 1969 from the remote mountain village of Baslouqit in North Lebanon.
After leaving school in 1990 Joseph worked in his family business in Bondi Junction whilst studying Law at the University of Sydney, however his artistic tendencies soon steered him onto a more creative path and he left law to study Fashion at East Sydney and Petersham Technical College...."

Interpretation of the Artwork
... " In every art work created there is an immediate story told based on the raw materials used. This relates to the various endemic seed pods used, their origin from the different states of Australia and the regions from within those states. Some works have over 10 different regions represented in each work. A second story is then told in the assemblages, often this relates to the Australian landscape, fire, water and wildlife ..

Concept of the Artists

... " Nature provides a myriad of raw materials that can be used in all manner of designs. Australia’s unique native plants, shaped by fire and drought provide unquestionably the most unusual and diverse array of hard, wooden seed casings seen anywhere in the world. These vary from the Banksia Rose and Woody Pear of WA, both of which look like their name sakes, through to the Australian Teak of Northern NSW, producing a robust 5 pointed star seed pod.
By collecting these rare and unusual seed casings from across Australia we provided ourselves with a diverse range of unique raw materials that truly captured the essence of the Australian bush. Using the pods as the oils on the canvas so to speak, we have created art works that showcase the Australian environment in its natural form, from flowing rivers and deserts to flora and fauna in all their diversity. ... "

Their new Artworks and exhibitions can be followed here, as well as a peek at 7 different art galleries of their works ..
Artist Spotlight- Mixed Media Artists Cardamatis and Saad WEBSITE


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