Friday, December 3, 2010

Milliande Artist Spotlight - Sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz

Milliande Artist Spotlight - Sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz

Today I came across the artwork of Sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz. Her work holds a fascination within her seemingly close observation of moments caught in time .. reflections of the inner and the outer combined in a moment caught in her sculptures..

Transitioning between the single moment made personal .. to the group moment shared in relationship .. her sculptures evoke an air of tough fragility for me ..

About Magdalena Abakanowicz

" ...
Magdalena Abakanowicz
for many years has dealt with the issue of "the countless". She says: "I feel overwhelmed by quantity where counting no longer makes sense. By unrepeatability within such quantity. A crowd of people or birds, insect or leaves, is a mysterious assemblage of variants of a certain prototype, a riddle of nature abhorrent to exact repetition or inability to produce it, just as a human hand can not repeat its own gesture ...
Each of her figures is an individuality, with its own expression, with specific details of skin. Organic, with the imprint of the artist's fingers. Their surface is natural like tree bark or animal fur or wrinkled skin. Like all her sculptures also these works are unique objects.

featuring outdoor installation, seated figures, dancing figures, a take on embryology, crowds, animals , heads and backs ... sometimes the simplicity of observation belies the depth of the emotion captured when I take a moment to let them talk to me ...

Milliande Artist Spotlight Magdalena Abakanowicz
you can take a peek at her website here


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