Saturday, December 4, 2010

Artist Spotlights- Mixed Media Textile Artist Priscilla Jones

Milliande Artist Spotlights- Mixed Media Textile Artist Priscilla Jones

I came across the mixed media textile artwork of Priscilla Jones on my travels around the web.  Combining the beauty of free-form stitches with the playful symbology of everyday objects adds a certain timeless charm to Priscilla Jones artwork. There is something relaxing for me in the spontaneous curling lines , the loops that playfully surround her images , the frayed edges that talk of well loved fabrics.. take a peek at her fibre collages ..

" ...Priscilla has been producing contemporary stitched mixed media pieces in 2D and 3D since completing her degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997.Priscilla draws her inspiration from a variety of sources exploring the concept of identity, memory and nostalgia. These themes underpin a range of areas within her work including freelance designs for greeting cards, fashion/interior fabrics and wallpaper exporting to Japan, Europe and the U.S.A. Priscilla is continuously exhibiting across the U.K. and lectures at East Lancashire Institute of Higher Education on the BA (Hons) Contemporary Textiles programme. In 2003 Priscilla and her husband Ian set up The Edge Gallery in Lancaster specializing in Contemporary Fine and Applied Art, recently they expanded the Gallery space to run a programme of Priscilla’s workshops. ..'

I also enjoy the sculptural artworks she creates with various wires and mixed media fabrics attach to it a soft pastel palette.. with that worn but lovingly remembered sepia look...

you can follow her artwork here
WEBSITE_ Artist Spotlights- Mixed Media Textile Artist Priscilla Jones


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