Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photographer Carl Warner - Artist Spotlight at Milliande

 Photographer Carl Warner - Artist Spotlight at Milliande

Having enjoyed a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts in London, I popped into the bookstore opposite the gallery which is well known for its well stocked art book department.
There I stumbled across the artwork of photographer Carl Warner who has just seen his first book being published called "Food Landscapes"

It takes a slight moment of recognition before stepping up to see one of his  artful photographs closer.. for what at first glance seems to look like a very colorful landscape painting reveals itself to be food all its glory . Cabbages mingle gleefully next to broccoli and various other assortments of fruit, bread and vegetables forming an imaginary landscape.

  Broccoli Forest
  Cabbage Sea

Carl Warner Bio

..." Born in Liverpool, England in 1963, he moved to Kent at the age of seven where as an only child he spent hours in his room drawing and creating worlds from
The ‘Foodscapes’ are created in Carl’s London studio where they are built on top of a large purpose built triangular table top. The scenes are photographed in layers from foreground to background and sky as the process is very time consuming and so the food quickly wilts under the lights. Each element is then put together in post production to achieve the final image.
...“ Although I’m very hands on with my work, I do use model makers and food stylists to help me create the sets. I tend to start with a drawing which I sketch out in order to get the composition worked out, this acts as a blue print for the team to work to.”
his imagination having been inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali, Patrick Woodroofe and record sleeve artists such as Roger Dean and the work of Hipgnosis ...

There has just been a Food Landscapes Wall Calender released with features 12 of his photographic  artworks. made entirely with food .. well fun..

Carl Warner Food Landscapes 2011 Wall Calendar

read more and see his beautiful photographic artworks feel free to take a peek at his website
Artist Spotlight - Photographer Carl Warner


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