Monday, December 13, 2010

Tate Britains Artful Christmas trees- Milliande Art Spotlight

Tate Britains Artful Christmas trees- Milliande Art Spotlight

The Christmas Tree artfully decorated and lit is a part of many a family home at this festive season.
The Tate Britain in the UK has for the past 23 years created a space for ARTFUL christmas Tree Displays ..with many a famous artist contributing their own unique create style to the project.

The Tate Britain Gallery, London, England, UK Photographic Poster Print by Ethel Davies, 18x24

The Tate Britain in London

The Guardian takes a peek at 23 years of christmas trees at the Tate Britain .. take a peek at a few ..

Tate Christmas Trees: Tate Britain Christmas Trees

Tate christmas trees: Mark Wallinger Tate 2003 tree

Tate christmas trees: Bill Woodrow's 1988 tate christmas tree

The Complete 23 years history of the Christmas Tree Displays from various artists at the Tate Britain can be seen here
Tate Britain christmas Trees- 23 years - Milliande Spotlight


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