Monday, December 13, 2010

Victorian Christmas with the BBC- Milliande Tutorial spotlight

 Victorian Christmas with the BBC- Milliande Tutorial spotlight

the BBC has a lovely little selection of video tutorials to make a true Victorian Christmas
Style ... from making the traditional Christmas pudding, a mistletoe ball for festive
visitors, mulled wine and frugal holly berries .. innovative Victorian crafting with peas and wax...

Parlour GamesIvy RibbonsWassail PunchDressing the Tree

Christmas CardsMistletoe BallChristmas CrackersChristmas Cards

There is a Victorian Christmas Activity a Day  that will get you in the mood for a little
Christmas atmosphere like it would have been in the olden days .
How about some handmade wrapping paper, a spot of carol singing
or making delicious sugar plums... take a peek at the

BBC Victorian Christmas Activities Tutorials

There are many Victorian Christmas music CD's for that original mood .. and reading up on the various traditional Victorian Crafts brings it home just how resourceful and inventive the victorian ladies were .. much pride was laid upon a festive decorated house and preparations for making christmas decorations began many months before. Often decorations were passed down from family to family generation as little heirlooks. Particularly Christmas tree decorations were often made to celebrate and remember particular occasions ... After Christmas they would be careful wrapped again for the next holiday season

Music was always a big part of a Victorian Christmas , from Carol Singing to piano music around the living room , some Sentiments and Sounds of the Victorian Christmas era can be fun to accompany the festive season.
Carols for a Victorian Christmas

note : some countries may have trouble watching the bbc tutorials if they are not licenced to view them ..sorry


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