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I simply love the artwork of Anne Bachelier and stumbled upon her blog today, albeit I do not speak french , yet somehow her images alone leave me speechless anyway ... a rare opportunity to peek into her sketchbooks ..a glimpse at the artistic process of a wonderous mind ...

Anne Bachelier BIO:

Anne Bachelier was born in 1949-02-20 in Louvigne du Desert, France

~ She is a surrealist artist and illustrator whose main themes of artistic exploration revolved around  Metamorphosis, transition, and evolution

~ Evocative color takes the viewer into a dreamlike state of wonder when immersed into the detail her paintings celebrate ... she manages to captivate her audience with her rich imagination that evokes at once a dreamlike state of wonder in many ....

take a journey ....

Anne Bachelier - L'Oiseau Cardinal (The Cardinal Bird)


A glimpse into Anne Bacheliers Studio at Nighttime


Anne Bacheliers Alice In Wonderland
Anne Bachelier Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Anne Bachelier Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Anne Bachelier: Le LivreAlice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found ThereRose Daughter: A Re-telling of Beauty and the BeastThe Phantom of the Opera / La Fantôme de l'OpéraThe Phantom of the Opera


Anne Bachelier

Anne Bachelier


.."Metamorphosis, transition, and evolution provide the common threads of the art ofThe artist captivates her audience with compelling, highly imaginative images that are distinct, unique, inventive and immediately recognizable. Her metaphysical, dream-like fantasies evoke feelings simultaneously powerful, peaceful, and protective.This unique "other" world, untouched by time or place, reminds the viewer of the eternal dance of transformation and regeneration. .." eleonor 947

Anne Bachelier Blog

enjoy taking a peek...

artist spotlight


  1. wow! thanks for sharing this! stunning!

  2. yes lost for words it is for me too ..I feel like I can simply dive into her artworks and get lost an emotional imaginary world ... I have never met an artist that can do that with almost every single painting of hers.... truly inspirational for me ...

  3. They are all favorite is the Alice in Wonderland. She inspires me to paint that gorgeous red-orange!

  4. Fabulous, exotic .... this is my inspiration for the next few days - thank you!


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