Friday, April 15, 2011

Milliande Artist Spotlight - Robin Urton

Milliande Artist Spotlight - Mixed Media Artist Robin Urton

Mixing evocative imagery of growth, renewal and feminine contemplation, Robin Urton paintings explore a  a deep connection to soul and heart and inner landscapes for me ... .

Guardian 10,000th Incarnation Primordial Slumber 

" ....Robin Urton has been painting for over 20 years.  She credits dreams for leading her on a path to creating art, starting with journaling about her dreams, then painting them. Eventually this grew into the practice of dreaming while she paints, preferring to leave the process open to whatever appears out of suggested patterns and textures in the paint. Frequent themes include birds, trees, botanicals, women and dreaming Buddhas..."

Deep River Dream Lucid Awakening Spring Parade 

you can take a peek at Robin Urtons mixed media art website
" Dreambird Art" here


Artist Spotlights April 2011

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