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milliande Artist Spotlight - Mixed Media Artist Francesca Profili

milliande Artist Spotlight - Mixed Media Artist Francesca Profili


.. MYSTIC SPIRAL - " ... The Spiral appears to be one of the most ancient spiritual symbols and it has been used to represent the idea of Chaos in the shape of a cosmic, spiralling Snake. The theme of this piece is about the Eastern concept that chaos precedes inner renewal and the emergence of new understanding, innovation or creativity. Francesca depicts the naked self stripped of conceit and delusions as it traverses chaotic situations where everything spirals out of control and emerges toward a new awareness. .."


milliande Artist Spotlight - Mixed Media Artist Francesca Profili

... "
The conceptual part of my work begins with a theme that inspires my writing. What follows is a process that starts with the creation of a mask with the facial features and expression that I feel will best represent the story I want to tell. The faces I sculpt are often a composite of features that belong to people I meet and whose face I sketch or commit to memory. I do not mold them on anyone's face and I never replicate a sculpture so each piece is a unique original. 
I am not a mask maker in the true sense of the word, because mask-making is an ancient craft that produces face coverings meant to be worn. My sculptures instead, are symbolic masks that are not designed for function or comfort. They are a visual metaphor, an art statement. .. "


Wabi Sabi
.." Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese term that captures the idea that certain things are made beautiful by virtue of just the right kind and the right amount of imperfection. It is the beauty of aged and weathered things. It is a sense of esthetics that sees beauty in something that may be a bit asymetrical or lopsided,or incomplete, impermanent and barely suggested. .."


 Soft Water" was inspired by water's power of persistence. Its imagery speak to an enduring ability to overcome the toughest obstacles in one's path with relentless softness and over long periods of time.

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  1. Absolutely stunning work. I particularly like the last one 'Soft Water'. Your work is unique.

  2. Beautiful! I am absolutely in love!


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