Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Milliande Artist Spotlight : Vivianne Nantel

Milliande Artist Spotlight :  Vivianne Nantel

" Art is a celebration of the Soul"

"The role of a true artist in society in the 21st century is infinite.
It has evolved to one of ambassador of light, love warrior of the eternal one,
and a gentle teacher of the soul — a reflection of global social consciousness."
Vivianne Nantel (Vivi Devi Atmajyotis)


Bhakti Blossom
Mixed Media , tempera and oil on canvas


Vivianne Nantel
..." The spirit of Vivianne’s is truly of a spiritually awakened and renaissance being. Vivi Devi Atmajyotis is her spiritual name. Vivi Devi Atmajyotis (in Sanskrit) means “Deity or Goddess (Devi) of the light of the soul, true nature…supreme spirit (Atmajyotis). Naturally gifted with many precious blessings, creating art and lovingly whispering to the world—a voice that stirs, heals and illuminates the soul; she is a mystic, spiritual guide, visionary, painter/sculptor, photographer, writer, poet, speaker, spokesperson, humanitarian, animal advocate, environmentalist and yogini. She is dedicated, and devoted to help change this world to a more peaceful, loving, compassionate and harmonious planet for all sentient beings by creating more awareness: helping expand people’s consciousness by opening their hearts, transforming themselves by reconnecting to their true Divine nature, and to the oneness of this magnificent eternal and infinite truth. Her childlike, humorous, spontaneous, profound, enthusiastic and also motherly spirit is a delightful light. She is in a constant state of wonderment about this entire universe, and still and always will be a student of the great living book of nature. cont
... "

vivianne nantel website 


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  1. Thank you Milliande,

    for sharing such a beautiful artist I am off to have a look at her site.



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