Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milliande Artist Spotlight : Julie Evans - Painter

Milliande Artist Spotlight : Julie Evans - Painter

Having stumbled upon the artworks of Painter Julie Evans I am drawn in by the
play of organic shapes set against small particles of design elements ..mingling to
cocreate a picture of universal connection for me ..


 I enjoy the playful nowness of these pieces..allowing me to venture
on a journey into these imaginary landscape and walking into
the paintngs as I choose ..discovering new potentialitites each time
I look ... beautiful ...



Whilst I am not as much drawn to the bright indian influences paintings of Julie evans, for me  I can somehow see a natural evolution in process to her other paintings .. to combining elements to convey a larger connection ...

Julie Evans Painter Website



  1. I love all of these. The first 5 are so unusual - I've never seen anything like that before. They're fascinating! But I also love the last 2, which remind me of the work of the Brazilian painter, Beatriz Milhazes. Here's a link to an interview with her on youtube.


    The colours Julie Evans has used are more delicate, but the shapes remind me of Milhazes paintings. Beautiful!

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