Saturday, October 29, 2011

Milliande Artist Spotlight Andrea Benson Encaustic Artist

" Blessing of Tears"
encaustic on wood panel
with paper

" Wader"
encaustic on wood panel
with paper

" Imminent" encaustic on woodpanel
with paper and drawing

Wader Lotus
" Wader with Lotus"
encaustic on wood panel
with paper and drawing

"Heart Nest "

" Repair"
encaustic on woodpanel
with paper and drawing

Supported Meadow

" Supported Meadow"
encaustic on woodpanel with paper and drawing

Andrea Benson BIO EXERPT
"...My work with encaustic seems like a fusion of many of my past art explorations; which included ceramics, papermaking, printmaking, photography and mixed media collage. There is a sensuality of material and a sense of partnership with the medium that is integral to my enjoyment of the process and to the success of any piece. It is tactile, malleable and rich and also allows the delight of using a fragrant byproduct of the interaction of bees with flowers. It feels akin to cooking, creating a surface that often exudes an edible quality. Unpredictable and surprising effects happen frequently and there is a constant interplay between transparency, opacity, layering and subtle dimensionality. By combining drawing and paper with wax the potential of this interplay seems infinitely expanded ....
The world seems to me mysterious, lush and lovely, dangerous, disquieting and complex and we all totter and balance and dance under a strange accretion of emotion and sensation, culture, memories and media. In the making of these objects I endeavor to expose a moment of that mystery and create a sense of both recognition and visual satisfaction.
Encaustic Painter Andrea Benson Website

I enjoy the soft fragility of Andrea Bensons artwork, her focus on depicting the body and its particular motional poses without the use of expressive faces or any faces at all . The composition is leaving an open ended pathway for personal inner exploration in response to her work ...

There is a fascinating  peek at her studio work available by the Oregon Public Broadcasting Interview ...

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  1. Since the first time I saw encaustic I have had a desire to do it. Andrea Benson's work is gorgeous and so simply clear and clean. I love it. TY so much for introducing me to her work. I may just finally register for encaustic.
    Peace and Paint,

  2. I love the way she incorporates her soft delicate patterning and enhances them through merged wax layers almost veiled... beautiful indeed :-) milliande

  3. I love this video! I tried to paste it into my blog, but I haven't figured that out yet! I'll probably run across this post sometime in the future and laugh at my ignorance!


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