Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Milliande Artist Spotlight : Ann-Bridges - Painter & Printmaker

Inspired by my recent travels I am beginning a new series of Artist Spotlights I will be featuring Mixed Media Artists from
Wales ..enjoy

Milliande Artist Spotlight : Ann-Bridges - Painter & Printmaker

"If you don't get lost there's a chance you may never be found 30.5cm"
Print-Based Painting




" Angel with Dirty Feed"

Pebbles (Porth Dinllaen)

Ann Bridges Bio Exerpt

" ... Most of my current subject matter is developed from happy childhood memories of playing in the garden, walking through bluebell woods, making or buying cakes for tea, reading stories (especially the Princess and the Pea), picking and pressing flowers and playing with the contents of the button box. Looking at aquariums and ponds or walking along beaches often become the starting points for compositions. Drawing is the next stage, and I keep a visual diary in the form of a sketchbook. ... "

Ann Bridges - introduced as part our our Contemporary Artists in Wales Series

Ann Bridges Painter& Printmaker Website

I enjoy Ann Bridges use of playful but strong color and her loose lines exploring
a variety of personal yet contemporary subjects ...

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