Monday, May 14, 2012

Milliande Artist Spotlight - JACEK YERKA

Milliande Artist Spotlight - JACEK YERKA

I enjoy the imagination of this artist .. wonderful inner landscapes that take you on a journey of discovery Interesting perspectivesand objectives to ponder ...

Jacek Yerka - BathyscapheJacek Yerka - Between Heaven and HellJacek Yerka - Big departureJacek Yerka - ErosionJacek Yerka - Low cost airlinesJacek Yerka - Sierra TelegraphicaJacek Yerka - Two towersJacek Yerka - House at sourceJacek Yerka - The mystery garden Jacek Yerka - The hunter's morningJacek Yerka - PlantationJacek Yerka - The private wave
Jacek Yerka Website

enjoy taking a peek
Artist Spotlight :-)

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