Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jane Rosen - Sketchbooks - Milliande Artist Spotlights

Jane Rosen - Sketchbooks - SKETCHBOOKS -Milliande Artist Spotlights

Focussing on Artist Sketchbooks and Artists Preliminary Drawing for a peek at an artists Process I came across Sculptor and mixed media artist Jane Rosen .. 

glass blow study 2sm.jpg

Jane Rosen - bird study - sketchbook drawing 

glass blow #3.jpg

Jane Rosen -  bird studies - sketchbook drawings

march glass study.jpg

Jane Rosen -  bird study - sketchbooks drawing

glass study detail 2.jpg

Jane Rosen - close up of bird study - sketchbook drawing
quilted lamb.jpg
Jane Rosen - close up of sheep study - sketchbook drawing

lamb detailsm.jpg

Jane Rosen - close up of sheep study - sketchbook drawing water-colour

calico markings.jpg

Jane Rosen - close up of horse study - sketchbook drawing

anatomy (horse)

Jane Rosen - close up of horse studies - sketchbook drawing


Jane Rosen - close up of horse study - sketchbook drawing

About Jane Rosen Work excerpt by Patricia Phillips:
Rosen's work is influenced by the forms perceived in those moments prior to complete recognition -- what is seen before pattern, color, and shape indicate some figure or formation -- which serves to engage viewers in negotiating the relationship between perception and cognition."
-- Patricia C. Phillips, Artforum
I came across the sketchbooks and drawings of Jane Rosen as was intriqued to discover what her final art medium is after viewing her preliminary process. Sculpture seems to be her main form of creative expression with mixed media artworks also accomplished. I love the fluidity and looseness in her sketchbook sketches.. take a peek at her website to discover more about this fascinating sculptor
Milliande Artists SKETCHBOOK Spotlights
enjoy ... Milliande 


  1. Where did you find Jane Milliande?
    Wow, great watercolor and presentation in a journal. Do you have any idea the size of her journal; by the pictures, it looks big, ...can't tell.

  2. thank you for sharing I am very happy with this.. nive bird

  3. thank you so much for your kind words. i actually see drawing as my primary form, whether it being sketchbooks, drawing on paper, drawing on form, drawing with form or teaching drawing! i love to draw on things. best jane rosen


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